How to infer the quality of a yoga mat from the price?

How to infer the quality of a yoga mat from the price?

Many people are dazzled by yoga and do n’t know what to choose. The price ranges from tens to hundreds. Then let ‘s talk about how to choose yoga mats.

  According to the material, the price of PVC yoga mats ranges from a few to a few hundred, and some are only more than 20 yuan. You can think about the cost of this mat. From the raw materials, the market price of PVC is generally 1.

50 thousand tons, a mat is generally 1.

5 kg, the raw material X20% is the cost price of the mat, and then X20% is the price of the factory (not very accurate, but it is a reference) the cost of that mat is 15X (1 + 20%) X (1 + 20%)= 21.

6 yuan Some people will say that the material of the yoga mat is not all PVC, but please don’t forget that there are packaging, cardboard boxes, and even various processes, so it can be calculated like this.

  The factory always earns 20%: 21.

6X (1 + 20%) = 25.

92 is that, under normal circumstances (without any cut-offs), a mat must be 26 yuan. You must know that the factory has thousands of pieces, even tens of thousands, and even the export price on Alibaba is only 26.Yuan (the actual profit of the factory is very low, 5% is already very high), how many Taobao are real factories, then everybody thinks about whether the products of twenty or thirty yuan will be sold on Taobao?

  But some people say that someone will sell it!

Well, let’s analyze it. Any product will have flaws and samples, so we must first experiment. Even if the clothing is lightly proofed three or four times, let alone the thickness of the yoga mat is adjusted many times.

  So there will be a lot of 5.

8 mm, 5.

5 mm, 6.

2 mm, 6.

5MM, there are even hollow, foaming is not complete, in fact these are second-class products, such a cushion factory can be sold even if the replacement point, but still still about 25.

  There is also a backpack, the cost price of which is 3 yuan, the strap of a yoga mat also costs 1 yuan, and the price must be a few thousand, so the cost of a complete yoga mat is at least 30 yuan (this has been included hereSecond-class products) Some people may say that some people earn only a few dollars for good reviews. Well, first of all, think about how he gets the goods. If it is not a company, if he goes to get three or fifty items, how can he sell them?
Unless the company is willing to do so.

  How did the low-priced mats come? It can only be said to be defective products, which are directly processed by the factory, and the loss does not matter. More than 80% of such mats have flowed into Taobao stores.

  The most terrible thing is that some yoga mats are mixed with talcum powder (so some mats are slippery) to add weight, so weight is not an important criterion for testing the quality of the mats; some mats are made of waste materials, and the taste is no longerThe smell of PVC itself.

Even with this judgment, you have to see if its taste is right or wrong, and someone said, how do I know?

Yes, it is because it is difficult to judge, so everyone will say that their things are good, and even come up with any proof.

  Any product will have its own taste, some kind of fabric, some things we used to buy in supermarkets, garbage bags, our new TVs.

Computers have taste, and they can only deceive everyone if they say they are “tasteless”, but good products will be distributed and will be very light. It is normal for consumers to get at least twice the factory priceYes, because the company has to do business, to expand, and even cheap ones are occasionally made.