[How to make custard]_How to make_Homely

[How to make custard]_How to make_Homely

Custard is a very common snack in Yunnan. Custard is actually the cheese that everyone often says. Custard made from goat milk is the best. Custard is white and the shape and tofu areIt is similar. Whether it is dipped in sugar or eaten fried, the taste is very refreshing. The method of making milk cakes is also very simple. The nutritional content of milk cakes is very high. Frequent eating is good for the human bodyMany benefits.

Preparation method: Take fresh milk and mix it with a kind of squeezed juice of sour fruit collected from the local mountain and acidify the emulsion.

Casein precipitates out on acid.

After filtration, compaction, moderate dehydration, the finished product.

Its technological principles and procedures follow the same principle of making tofu, but tofu is soybean plant protein, and milk cake is cow and sheep casein.

Therefore, the milk cake should be called “milk tofu”.

Some people think that the invention of tofu was actually inspired by the custard production process in the Hu-Han exchange.

A newer process parameter for the production of milk cake is: the curd temperature is 80 ° C, and the amount of CaCl2 added is 0.
025% with acid curd (pH = 3.
85) amount is 25%.

Dairy food name.

“Beginner’s Book” volume two or six cited Jin Lu’s “Sacrifice Method”: “Don’t use milk cake in Xiaci, donuts in winter temple.

“Song Meng Yuan,” Tokyo Dream Hualu Qingming Festival “:” Festival market sells thick ravioli, barley, cheese, custard and the like.

“Yuan Yang Yunfu’s” Jingjing Zayong “:” Yingpanfeng is soft and free of sand.

“Guo Moruo’s” Peacock Gall “appendix” Kunming Scenery “:” Dengchuan milk fan and Lunan milk cake are both famous in Yunnan, made by goat milk, and vegetarian wonderful products.

Sweet salty dumplings.

“There are many ways to eat custard, which can be fried, boiled, steamed, roasted, and eaten raw.

Cooked together with Xuanwei ham slices, it becomes a famous dish in Yunnan. In Dianweilai, there are raw fried custards on top of the custard, fried custards, steamed custard, and fresh meat.Steamed custard, green bean rice stewed custard and other home-cooked dishes, or pan-fried custard, steamed steamed custard, tai chi custard, bamboo braised custard, three fresh braised custard, and sweet money sandwich custardPrestige and Lai style, loved by people of all ethnic groups.

Nutritional analysis milk cake is a high-protein, high-fat nourishing nutritious food, which has the same effect as western cheese.

After analysis, the milk cake protein is 40%, the high-quality protein is more than 20%, and the trace amount is about 30%. The protein in the milk cake is full-value protein, which contains eight essential amino acids required by the human body, and the digestibility is about 98%.Adults in this category are of good quality and are easily digested and absorbed by the body; milk cakes also contain a large amount of fat-soluble vitamin A and calcium.