[How to make bean bag]_ making method _ Daquan

[How to make bean bag]_ making method _ Daquan

Doubao is a kind of food that is very common in people’s lives. It is generally made with glutinous rice or millet as the main raw material and then red beans as the filling.

This kind of food tastes very good, and its nutritional content is not low, so it is very popular.

In people’s daily life, many people will make bean bag to eat, but there are also many people who don’t understand how to make bean bag, and then let’s introduce how to make bean bag in detail.

First, the red bean paste sticky bean wrap material water 300 grams, rice dumpling powder 400 grams, bean paste filling method 1.

Mix the noodles with warm water at a ratio of 4: 3. I used 400 grams of dumpling powder and about 300 grams of water.


Combine the dough with the same size, flatten them one by one. Be careful not to loosen the dough. It has no strength and is easy to loosen.


Wrap the dough with the red bean paste.


After they are wrapped, put water in the steamer, lay the drawer cloth, and place it next to the yard.


Steam it for 15 minutes.


The red bean paste is so sweet that you don’t have to sugar it.

Second, the northeast sticky bean bag material red kidney beans, cotton sugar, cornmeal, glutinous rice noodles, yeast 1, red kidney beans with water and soak in the refrigerator overnight, add more than four times the water to boil, and boil for about one and a half hours; 2, When the red kidney beans are rotten, if there is still water in the pot, pour out the sugar, add the sufficient amount of cotton sugar, continue to dilute the water, and put a small spoon of salt, stir in one direction until the beans are rottenThe bottom of the pot dries; 3, cornmeal, glutinous rice noodles are mixed evenly at a ratio of 1: 1; 4, the yeast is replaced with warm water, poured into the flour a little, mixed with chopsticks while pouring, and mixed until the dough can be adhered without stickingHands are suitable; 5, pinch the dough flat, cover with plastic wrap, and leave it to warm for two hours; 6. Squeeze a small piece of dough in the palm of your hand, put in a small piece of bean paste, hold the dough with one hand,With one hand, use your thumb and index finger to slowly push up the dough until it closes. 7. Close the dough downwards and rotate the dough with both hands to reunite. 8. After the water in the pot is boiling, put it in a wrapped sticky bean bag and steam for about 15 minutes.Just fine.

Do not heat too much, and do not steam for too long, otherwise the sticky bean bag will crack easily.

Third, milk fragrant sticky bean bag material 1 cornmeal, yellow rice noodles, bean paste, milk, yeast powder method

One serving of cornmeal is boiled in boiling water and allowed to cool.

The yeast powder is melted in the milk, and at this time, the milk should be put less so that it can be added later.

6 portions of yellow rice noodles, add milk and mix into a ball.

Adding a piece of corn noodles is to make the dough better clump and not easy to spread out.

If you don’t like cornmeal, you can leave it at 3.

Leave to warm in a warm place 4.

Then start slightly 5.

The dough is combined with a suitable size 6.

Take a flattened 7.

Wrap the bean paste filling, the filling must not be too large, and the yellow rice noodles have poor ductility. If the filling is too large, it will easily burst when steamed8.

Slowly push the skin up until you have covered the stuffing, then knead round 9.

After everything is wrapped, you can steam it in the drawer. After boiling the water, steam it for 12-15 minutes.