[Can baby put food on salt]_ children _ practice

[Can baby put food on salt]_ children _ practice

Many parents will gradually reduce their breast milk intake after six months, and at the same time add some digestible complementary food to the baby.

The baby’s stomach is still weak during this period, so parents should pay attention to the right amount when feeding complementary food to the baby to avoid causing the baby’s stomach and stomach discomfort.

Some parents are afraid that the baby’s nutrition is incomplete, and they will put salt in the baby’s complementary food.

So, can the baby’s complementary food put salt?

Normally, little babies under one year old should not add salt to their diet. This is to protect the baby’s underdeveloped liver.

Although salt should be added to the diet of babies over one year of age, it should be very small.

The state also has strict restrictions on the sodium content of complementary foods for infants and young children.

When making complementary foods, mothers should try not to add salt, or put less salt, to avoid the baby’s burden on the liver due to salt consumption.

The mother does not have to expect the baby’s taste sensation with the adult’s taste habits, the baby’s taste is still relatively light.

In addition, babies are more sensitive to the stimulus of certain condiments. Allowing babies to eat complementary foods added with condiments prematurely may make them refuse to eat tasteless food in the future.

Can a six-month-old baby use salt as a food supplement? Vegetable porridge and pumpkin puree are fine. Vegetable porridge is simply chopped vegetables and cooked with porridge. Pumpkin puree is to peel the pumpkin and dice or slice the pumpkin in a microwaveJust smash and smash it. Vegetable puree is simply cooking vegetables with clear water and removing them with a spoon.

These complementary foods may not be able to eat without salt. You can try foods without salt for your baby first. If you can eat them, don’t add them first, then add a few tablets if you don’t eat them.

It is generally recommended not to add any condiments under 1 year of age.

Nothing is absolute. Salt is an indispensable inorganic substance.

I suggest that you can add less salt after starting to add complementary food (4 months), and MSG should not be added at all. MSG is not a good thing, and you should not eat more at any age.

Prevent children from eating too much salt, even after they are 1 year old.

11% of children eat foods that are too high in salt?
13% have hypertension.

In addition, eating too much salt will cause the body’s potassium to be lost from the urine, and potassium is necessary for muscle contraction and relaxation during human activities. Too much potassium can cause heart weakness and death.

Of course, the right amount of salt plays an important physiological role in maintaining human health, so babies within one year of age can add no or a little salt.