Chen stepped forward to diving Chakun pat on the shoulder, Chakun has been red-eye, and this time can give any resistance Gokseong brought his own impending massacre.

  Chen had stepped forward to remind him of diving.
  This becomes calm down Chakun.
  Gokseong has been Chakun Le gasp not angry, his hands desperately grasped the Chakun’s arm, trying to give yourself a little more room to breathe.
  Chakun loosened Gokseong neck, kick kick him to the wall.
  Gokseong big mouth breathing hard, his face purple slowly eased.
  ”Why do I want my life?”Chen diving pulled a chair to sit down, he was not seen Gokseong, it also no injustice Wu Chou, so he must have been ordered by others.
  Chen looked Gokseong a diving but did not give him any reply.
  ”As long as you are willing to say now, I will give you the opportunity.”Chen diving light:” I know that you also were egged on, you say it, I will not embarrass you.”
  Gokseong pointed to the water dispenser.
  ”Tell me, who wants to kill me, drink to have as many.”Chen shrugged diving.
  Gokseong and pointed to his throat, Chen diving realized, perhaps Chakun just too much force, so speechless now Gokseong.
  He got up and went to take water Gucheng, Chakun beckoned him to sit, to find their own cup.
  And it is this fraction of the effort, to escape the sudden cardiac death of Gokseong