Rinse on down?”

  Wheat sister than a month “OK” gesture, expressed understanding.
  Lin-sheng unwinding ordered off the house running around tending to their own, crackling sound completely put Cai Siming woke up, clean up properly after forest health, he found that Cai Siming wore a chicken coop head, standing in a daze on the couch.
  Lin Chan said: “When will pick you follow people back home, and take your parents to apologize, have done something wrong not qualified to try to be brave fighting hard, the future must not do such a thing.”
  Cai Siming just woke up, did not respond, did not know he did not listen, forest health in a hurry, in a hurry to leave.
  The cafe when people Zhuangzhuang and program group being happy to talk, he beckoned rushed here.
  Lin-sheng and some specialty home brought back from the city of filial piety, at this time are brought down, and give the wheat and Zhuangzhuang sister, who, they quickly thanks.
  Lin-sheng did not have breakfast, and waiters plus copies mousse cake, and then close the menu, “wheat sister you shoot this assault is too sudden, from the actual filming it seems to have a month’s time?”
  Wheat explained: “Well, we are ready to shoot a pilot film, first released as a notice to mobilize the enthusiasm of the audience look, but also in advance to let the audience look at a few of the guests disposition.”
  Cake up, forest