Division is not the only one in the face of people moving through it.”Having thought of something, he adds, ‘is the net in red, Mu Jin after all four of them are also not had the whole.’

  Lu seventy-one not care waved his hand, “the whole is not the whole matter, the whole pretty well on the big screen, but also on the ability of.”
  Indus laughed, not talking.
  She did not dare to speak.Otherwise, fairies really make her schedule also wrong not open.
  Indus certainly do not believe yesterday to hear Shao Yan snow because of scheduling wrong not to open exit to say, she certainly confess something very serious, have threatened to the point where her role of competition.The company can not seem to give up on her, even gave her made a separate arrangement, which allows the Indus removed some thoughts.
  If you can take the opportunity would lead to scandal Shao Yan snow, so that the company can abandon her, either now or in the future, people competing for natural resources will be less a.
  There is the idea of people, certainly more than she believed a parasol.Just can live so long, nobody opening.Seeing the opportunity to interview fairy coming to an end, the Indus only bite the bullet when a return stands out, a little tentatively.Unexpectedly, began, it was the threat of a fairy.
  Yes.The company did not give Shao Yan snow, natural snow Yan Shao can not allow the scandal burst out.Loss of Shao Yan snow will directly cause the Company will be affected by the loss.Fairies is certainly not allowed.
  She is straightforward and sincere, but also a tough ruthless.She obviously a lot