Conflicts of interest.

  Especially the director of the drama department of ATV wheat single male.Is a character very strong character, has been several times at odds with the president Zhou Liang Shuyi.Although Huang Xi Zhao their own prestige barely contradictions pressure.But Mak, director of program planning and ATV XiaoRe far, who are friends, will soon get the support of many people in the ATV, beginning with rival Zhou Liang Shuyi.
  If this conflict continues, it may turn into infighting, eventually leading to the revival of the ATV just started again decimated.So Li Xuan decided to act decisively.ATV for a major adjustment, split into TV stations, production companies and brokerage firms three independent business.
  ”You say that even she had got such a strong person.Mr. Mak they have hid a few people, how can I manage the company!”Zhongchu Hong face a bit unsure hesitation.
  Li Xuan, vice president ready to let her serve after the restructuring of the Group’s ATV.At the same time the company’s general manager and producer.
  ”She is too strong, it will trigger a series of contradictions!”Li Xuan smiled and squeezed his girlfriend smooth face,” You and Zhou Liang Shuyi is not the same, single male and wheat XiaoRe far are smart people.Unless they want to leave, otherwise we will know how to get along with you this!They are to accommodate you, rather than you go to accommodate them. ”
  Li Xuan ATV value the ratings rather than profit, so he took over ATV, launched a series of reforms.In order to enhance the enthusiasm of the people behind the creation of excellent programs and TV series, each crew will be an independent accounting team, in addition to a fixed salary, but also the right ad dividend.