“After dinner, etc. They have almost half past nine.

  In case of Zhou Yu to see his mood seemed good look, could not help shaking the phone to show off and said: “I checked the store for a long time evaluation, the feeling is that you’ll like it.”
  ”Ah, our family encountered the most powerful Jade!”Qin Bo also track down her back Buddist.
  In case of Zhou Yu laughed for a while, did not shy, but asked about the situation of these two days.
  ”And the usual almost did not come two days Qinhuai An, lunch break when someone talk a bit,” Qin Bo said, looking down at the time on the watch, “you should not wander downstairs, so late , do not affect their closing.”
  ”Although the store was closing rule is eleven, but you have the final say.”Zhou Yu encounter at the table by the bell, waiter, etc., directly to the card handed over.
  Waiter somewhat surprised and looked at them, but soon realized that some rude, immediately apologized to channel the sound card took.
  In case of Zhou Yu pretended not to understand her expression, have been waiting for two people left, Bo Qin she sat down in the car, finally could not help but laughed aloud: “hey, Bo Brother, you said just what she was thinking?”
  ”What could I want?”Qin Bo had wanted to sigh pretending to be melancholy, but in case of Zhou Yu was so smile,