Sheng Joe is a top supporting cast that came from angry chin Dianwai, screaming: “Peach pick up!Get out of here out!”

  Sheng Qiao a shrunken neck, face tense after the trouble afterwards, eyeball a turn, they got the idea, turned around and directed at the empty ground was a threat and said: “Dan stole the snake, I’ll come back to pack you!”
  And then ran out to look Chanxiao.
  Supporting role has come to the door, saw her outcrop, do not wait for her to speak, by a fishing her on the threshold, at her pad in advance of the cloth crackling ass beating.
  ”You artful dead monkey!I told you plot against!All day long do not learn, do shame to Compass House, merciful Master would not punish you, you went around wildly, today I have to take lessons from you!”
  Sheng Qiao side struggling side earth-shattering cry: “Ruin my brothers thin wow!Master Help wow!Three clear of three prohibitions three brothers forgot to come and save three pick-wow!Ruin pick up three die in the hands of wow!Ah murder, indecent assault you, dead friends.”
  Supporting his face twitching simmering laugh, Sheng Joe was still crying hard, supporting plop out laughing.
  Site all laughing, this is too funny lines, Sheng Joe cried and cried himself lying on the threshold laugh, laughter is contagious, almost the entire crew laugh crazy.
  Supporting laugh over quickly said: “I’m sorry I’m sorry, my fault, again