, Huoting Chen could not help but sour authentic: “Why are you so good to him, not his girlfriend.”

  Su Yuan said: “He is my friend, he was drunk I certainly obliged to send him back.”
  ”Then I have drunk, you also send me back to it.”
  Su Yuan: “.”
  She had some suspicion, will seriously start to finish Huoting Chen looked at it again, because looked focused, plus beers, dense layer of mist in the eyes, look at the time a kind of illusion languishing, Huoting Chen could not help but sat up, heart rate began to accelerate, subconsciously swallowed.
  Then he heard the Su Yuan understatement: “I send you ah.”
  Huoting Chen surprised a moment, then the spread of red tide on the cheek, his illegal channels themselves for nothing, do not drink on the face, because Su Yuan actually a simple words and blush.He muttered want to say something, Su Yuan himself rather abruptly hear the sentence: “Anyway, someone pick, not much more than a person.”
  Huoting Chen moment did not mean Baisu Yuan Ming.
  Until the four big burly bouncers into the box, respectively, when he walked out with Gujiu An strapped to either side, Huoting Chen Su Yuan said before we know what it means to send the shit that was good against Su Yuanhuai smell the faint fragrance of Su Yuan who then