Do the authors, Bowen really have any thing?

Chunxiao directly with Jiang Chu came to the small hospital children.
Doors are not locked, Chunxiao went in the door directly.
He went to the courtyard, where the house will be able to hear the screams coming from the Bowen: “ah!You brute!Darn thing!Get out of here, get!”
Bowen grabbed the hand of almost Fengleyiban something they directed a pass chaos hit post.
At this point she medicinal properties have been almost, but the body has been foreseen beast ruined!She thought only cling elegant, the front is a small rich people want to master concubine she is satisfied that she do not want to, it is because she heart sky high, and now Yao Ji fancy, fancy century home of the future development potential, know to climb up the tree next to smooth the way.
Her body is so precious, so valuable in themselves, step by step plan the day but give all ruined by this bum!
Bowen thought of this, we think the world should be a general collapse.
Where could she be so spread the pillars of the crazy?Yang Shou is a direct slap in the face to give her fans