As if the same fast speed Cordless.

  Upon seeing the whole of Traditional Chinese Medicine, collective gasp.

Chapter 174 Royal gas needle

  Flash tank has always been a more profound traditional Chinese medicine practices, although you can see the unusual massage parlor.
  But in order to care for the purpose and for the purpose of medical treatment is completely different, even if it is particularly experienced old Chinese medicine, Qi flash have some difficulty you want to do four cans, not to mention the eight jars!
  Everyone is being exposed startled eyes, the white leaves suddenly pulled from the table hanging on Song, clip out a silver needle.
  Everyone hold your breath again, brow furrowed.
  This guy is going to do?
  Eight Qi flash tank is already operating limit, this guy picked up needles to do?
  At the same time under the eyes of all people stunned, it becomes the right hand holds jar, two fingers clamped needles, cupping fall when worn on Xin younger when needles accurate rapid insertion position among **.
  And when the can pull up, leaves white two fingers of a bomb, the bomb that needles humming, then quickly pull out!
  Classroom for all to see this scene, brush soon, very neat collective stand up!