“You stop, put Zhou Zhou.”I emerged from the dark like a slim man of thirty, he was a rather long hair half cover his eyes, revealing both hands and his face pale under the powerful, a look that is not seen the sun caused.

See the man out, was trapped in Ann Wei Zhen ancient coins inside kid suddenly struggling more fiercely, as if he has fully feel yourself touching the cage which produces pain, just in front of the man’s direction, he kept a red past.

And Wu seeing a man out of time, not whole face consternation, he blurted shouted: “Brother!”

An Wei Zhen suddenly nodded, that’s right on, the man who is the cousin of Wu.

Wu Tao Wei Zhen Ann looked somewhat anxious, “I have as you say it, you are making Zhou Zhou let go.”

An Wei Zhen cold face, raising his hand, that five ancient coins suddenly returned to her own hands, and the kid seeing invisible cage disappeared, first delighted bounced Wu Tao arms, and turned his head, a look of ferocious look the safety Only Zhen, apparently still just around the corner.

Aware of the murderous kid did not give up, An Wei Zhen little hint of sneer, pick up a fingertip ancient coins, Danyun light wind blew.