I wish probably realized.

  Now on sale from the new spot only a short period of two months only.
  They can get along with time, leaving only two months only.
  ”After the end of the contract, have you ever thought of going where?”he asks.
  ”Open the door to space and time to go home ah.”She did not hesitate to say.
  She has been studying a hidden message on parchment.
  Tactical deployment on parchment in possession of a total of thirteen magic, according to the shape of the map next to the magic, she found a thirteen locations on the world map, if magic on parchment is true, then just open thirteen magic, it can open the door of Time.
  Her through the door of time and space, back to the original world.
  Open magic thing you can take it to the magic of her now, even breath turned thirteen magic, can not bear to open the door to the magic of time and space.
  ”After you go back, we can bye it?”he asks.
  In the eyes of Yu Ze, Donna smile on his face have short stiff, her eyes wandering there for a moment.
  ”.What do you ask?”
  ”You might think I.”
  ”whispering sound.”She said:” I will not.”
  ”I will miss you.”
  Donna shocked, subconsciously stop