The Trend of The constellation of love in December 2018

The year 2017 is coming to an end, and the year 2018 is coming soon. I want to know how your feelings have changed in inside in the new year.? Let’s take a look at the trend chart of The constellation of love in December 2018..   Aries emotional ups and downs in 2018, Aries emotional stability before may, single people have the ability to take off, may to September is a period of emotional depression, should pay special attention to. After September, it rebounded again, but it will go through another test at the end of the year..   As soon as Taurus enters 2018, Taurus’s relationship will first face great challenges. Fortunately, it will slowly improve after April, and it has always been in a good state..   Gemini Gemini’s relationship will show a steady rise in 2018, especially in the months of July, August and September. Gemini Gemini will usher in a major breakthrough..   Cancer The relationship between Cancer and lovers will go through several ups and downs in 2018. The relationship between Cancer and lovers will heat up rapidly. At the same time, there are also many problems that need special attention..   Leo in 2018, Leo’s feelings are high before and low after, the early feelings develop steadily, after entering June, twists and turns continue, and will not pick up until the end of the year.   Virgo in 2018, Virgo’s feelings are relatively low overall, and the only climax is around April. Virgo who wants to take off the list should seize the opportunity and remind Virgo who already has a partner to get along with lovers more attentively so as to get through the low point of the year smoothly..   Libra 2018 is quite a good year for Libra, with no big ups and downs in the relationship and a rise in stability, which is good news for Libra with partners.. For Libra who wants to take off the list, the opportunity will come in the second half of the year. Please wait patiently..   Scorpio Scorpio’s relationship in 2018 is generally good. Scorpio who wants to take off the list will have opportunities in April and May.. There will be a trough in the middle of the year, reminding Scorpio with partners to pay special attention.   Sagittarius in 2018 Sagittarius feelings can be said to be quite wonderful, ups and downs, ups and downs. For a single Sagittarius, there will be many opportunities to take off a single unit. Peach blossom is good, but for a Sagittarius with a partner, feelings are easy to be tempted by the outside world and need special care..   Capricorn’s relationship with Capricorn in 2018 was stable in the early stage. This is good news for Capricorn who has a partner, and it is also an opportunity for Capricorn who wants to take off the list. Desires Of The Heart is good.. However, in August and September it will take a sharp turn for the worse, and there is no small emotional pressure to overcome..   Aquarius in 2018 Aquarius’s feelings, like getting on a bus, slowly climbed from the trough to the peak, then fell back to the trough and picked up again at the end of the year.. Whether it’s a water bottle with a partner or a water bottle with a single person, this is a big test that needs to be faced with wisdom..   Pisces’ relationship has been in a relatively depressed state since 2018. Although there are no major twists and turns, there are still minor troubles.. It will not start to improve until around August, Pisces will be ready for a protracted war.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.