Can you take off the order in November 2018?

Taking off the list is not what everyone is looking forward to, especially now that you are young, your expectation of love seems to be getting less and less. On the contrary, single life makes people more infatuated with it.. Can you take off your order in November 2018? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together.!   Do you have anything that must be completed in November in inside?   A, complete work task b, save money c, study hard d, there seems to be no test answer: a, November 2018 you can take off the order in November 2018 you can take off the order successfully, of course you have made a lot of efforts and preparations before this, you are very happy to take off the order successfully.. This month in inside, you can enjoy the sweet feeling brought by love. Do you think the life of two people is much more painful than that of one person, and you will not feel lonely and lonely.   B, November 2018 you return to single in November 2018 you will return to single, you have finished the relationship, you feel very tired, it is time to return to single and adjust your state well.. Do you think love does not make you better, but rather makes you have a hard time. Facing such feelings, it is actually a good thing for you to put it down earlier..   C, November 2018 you almost missed the order. November 2018 you wanted to miss the order very much, but you did not have a smooth way to miss the order. you almost missed the order, but you didn’t stick to your choice and finally fell short.. Faced with such a result, you can’t accept it. You think you are already certain. You are shocked by such an outcome..   D, November 2018 You don’t want to leave the list. November 2018 You hope you can continue to live a single life. You are very satisfied with the single life. You think the life of one person is much easier than that of two people.. You are usually not interested in taking off the list, even if the people around you start to fall in love, you will not feel a trace of envy..