Is August 2018 your wedding Ji Yue

When Chinese people get married, they like to pay attention to finding a good day. Tung Shing in China is not for decoration. It is generally believed that a good day can increase happiness for our happy event.. So is August 2018 your wedding Ji Yue? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s take a marriage test together..   1、. Do you think eight is a lucky number??   Yes →2 No →4 Depends on the situation →3 2. In life, do you like people who do things in pick up an auspicious day very much??   Yes-4 is not-3 depends-6 is 3, do you think it doesn’t matter when you get married?   Yes-4 No-7 Depends on the situation-5 4. Do you think parents’ opinions should be respected when choosing a wedding date?   Yes →6 No →7 Depends on the situation →8 5. When you get married, do you leave it to your parents?   Yes, 7 is not true, 8 depends on the situation, 6 6, do you think marriage does not need too much attention??   Yes, 9 is not, 7 depends on the situation, 10 is 7, in life, do you think marriage should not pay attention to ostentation and extravagance??   Yes-8 is not-10 depends-9 8, is marriage something you are looking forward to?   Yes-9 is not-a depends-10 9, do you often fantasize about your wedding?   Yes, b is not, c depends, 10 10, are you a person who doesn’t want to get married??   Yes, c is not, b depends on the situation, d test answer: a, August 2018 is your wedding auspicious month, August 2018 is a very good month for you, you think there are eight, it is very lucky meaning, and it also feels very meaningful. Do you think marriage is a joyous event and All is Forgiven is in front of it. You will not deny August because of legends or other reasons. Do you think August sounds very auspicious. So August 2018 is your wedding, Ji Yue.   B, August 2018 is probably your wedding. Ji Yue, you are a person who will not have too many requirements for the wedding month. You feel that as long as marriage makes you happy, you can get married at any time. You think you can get married at any time as long as everything is ready.. As soon as you mention marriage, you feel very happy. Naturally, the sooner the better. Therefore, August 2018 is probably your wedding Ji Yue..   C, August 2018 is very unlikely to be your wedding auspicious month August 2018 is summer, it is very hard for you to get married in summer, everything will make things more conflict because of summer irritability. Do you think it is difficult for everyone to calm down in the hot weather, and the wedding is very complicated. You don’t want to have a quarrel because of the weather. So August 2018 is very unlikely to be your wedding, Ji Yue.   D, August 2018 is not your wedding auspicious month August 2018 is the beginning of the lunar July. August is not the best wedding month for you. Do you think lunar July is an inappropriate month and you don’t want to put your lifelong happiness in inside this month. In fact, you still have some feudal and superstitious ideas. You hope your marriage is safe, so August 2018 is not your wedding Ji Yue. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..