What is the index of Promiscuous you met in 2018?

Some people are eager to get a piece of The Good Love, but the people they meet often have ulterior motives.. Some just want to cheat money from themselves, others just want to find a spare tire.. So, do you want to know how high is your index of meeting Promiscuous in 2018?? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together.. 1、. What kind of variety shows do you usually like to watch? More cultural, more funny, more tender 2,. Do you usually like to travel everywhere? Do you like it or not?. Do you add WeChat to your other half’s friends or sisters?? Will it depend on the situation 4,. How do you usually relate to your brothers and sisters? The relationship is very good. The relationship is generally good or bad. 5.. Do you think reading is useful? Yes, it’s very useful. No, it’s not. Not necessarily 6,. Do you like reading “A Dream of Red Mansions” among the four famous works? Like it or not, I don’t know, I haven’t seen 7,. What kind of animals do you like best? Xiaohua Mall puppy rabbit 8,. If you are dumped by your predecessor, will you try to retain him again?? Will it not necessarily be 9,. What’s your first reaction to someone else’s car accident on the road?? It’s terrible, run away and help. 10. How many friends have you added to your WeChat circle of friends? Within 100 100 to 300300 A, Promiscuous index 100% Your Promiscuous index in 2018 is 100%, you are a recruit Promiscuous physique. Because your character is too soft, so Tony/Female slag will come to you.. Because in a strong person and a weak person, they will definitely choose the weak one, so that they will have better control in the future.. And what to say, the other party will be silly to believe. And you are such a person, so you will meet Promiscuous in 2018.. B, Promiscuous Index 70% You don’t know much about rejecting others, so when they actively pursue you, they may not be the object you like, but because you don’t know how to speak, you will eventually be with each other half-heartedly.. Only after you get together can you find that the two people are really at odds with each other, and the other is too different from what you think.. So in 2018, you will most likely encounter Promiscuous. C, Promiscuous Index 50% You are a very attractive person, in the crowd, everyone will always naturally notice your existence. Therefore, there are more people pursuing you, but quantity does not mean quality.. In this large group of people, there are many good and evil people, they will also extend an olive branch to you. But fortunately, there are also many excellent people, so you will encounter half of the Promiscuous index in 2018.. D, Promiscuous Index 20% You are very individual and a rational person. Therefore, not everyone who likes you will treat you kindly.. For those normal pursuers, you will hold the heart of gratitude.. And for those who have any purpose, you will not let them have an opportunity, you will firmly and directly refuse. Therefore, in 2018, your Promiscuous index will be very low and you will hardly encounter any scum.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..