Ash insect and butterfly

Before the village, Yan lying old acacia trees, lush foliage, can Zade two acres of shade. Early summer when the garden trees Sophora japonica, a string hanging in the branches, Yu Hang groups, however, just like the one that sail to.Tree, often sitting tea old man, whisper country girls, called Dragonfly ants feed children. The children were singing: “I asked where the ancestors come, Shanxi Hongtong Ash.Crows nest at home ask me where the next big locust tree.”Mountain breeze blowing, shaking the tree branches move, SJ Xie Fei.The air was sweet, sweet, refreshing. In Huaihua end up about the same time, inadvertently, suddenly hanging under a cool shade of acacia trees to insects, indeed, something of a surprise.Ash insects, silk hanging down from the tree, hanging in the air, Dangzhao, like paratroopers landing.People called it “hanged”. Some years, more than enough to be insect locust tree leaves nothing left to eat the whole, then, countless hanging down.They are going to find another “eat” the road.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.After COM) insects landing, the floor crawling chaos.A reduction tail, waist a bow, a push forward, to separate ways.Some pedestrians were trampled to death, some were pecking chickens.Ants are their natural enemies everywhere laid a dragnet, dogged. Ants combative force.It is a many times larger than their own insect bite, let it struggle, toss, maintaining the status quo.Insects to be exhausted, dragged back to the nest.Fortunately, a thing a thing of its own rule.Otherwise, many of the insects, would not want to ruin a big piece of woods. After a few late to be, and reviving the tree.There are some bugs escaped, transformed into a beautiful butterfly, dancing on the tree, could not help but think of the Tang Dynasty poet Xu Yin poem: “The caterpillar also learn Zhouzhuang dream, turned into a butterfly flying South Park.”Ash insects and Vanessa, although the same strain, but the former is very ugly, which sounds like the United States. Miao