Ash fragrance article

Part One: Ash tree leaf fragrance, which is one of the world’s most beautiful, most exotic, the most valuable one, but most people are sad, weepy most one; that the most memorable one, It is thin, Dry, light gray yellow locust tree leaf.Early autumn, some melancholy day; the wind is very soft, gray sky, looking at the ancient acacia trees gradually falling, hearts filled with emotion.  Locust tree leaves, which is in the city, which picked up a garden, and was caught in an ancient collection of poems over the years, and did not slight damage.Gently slide the onion skin-like tree leaves, when a closer look, also stained some home soil ah.The weather getting cold, autumn has turned out unconsciously, to Huaihua in full bloom.August, SJ, floral flowing, sweet drunk old roof and pigeons Pianfei.  Autumn in August, SJ Hong, Sunny street.Speaking SJ, reminds me of the ancient tree in front of the home of the old house.My hometown of Fuzhou in Fujian Province, where beautiful scenery, pleasant.In the former home of the old house, there are a lot of ancient acacia trees scent the air, drifting across the street, drifting Amano.Ancient acacia trees that home, large tracts of white petals fall to the ground, when people looked up and found the old house courtyard of locust tree full of white flowers.  Speaking of Huaihua, past flower bloom.SJ, August incense, but it is the hope of spring.Sophora japonica, floral accompany old old house, flowers accompanied generation after generation of people.That autumn tree, flowers overflowing, full of drunk folks neighbors.In August, the old Laohuai leaves flapping in the wind, red brick old house that has a long history, archaic, set off a fragrance of ancient acacia trees, heart bursts of sorrow and grief.Ah, the old houses, old people, one by one go, gone.  That is about the demolition of the old house, and that messy falling petals, evoke memories of my childhood.At that time, one to fall, my mom started knitting, weaving while she spoke, rather critical, cooler weather, to add clothes, and we should pay attention to health, to prevent colds.La La weave old mother said a lot, I did not listen, but also feeling particularly annoying.At that time young and frivolous, just I wish I had grown up, leave home early, go far away to see the world.  Ancient tree in memory of the old house backyard is high, the trunk is very thick, three or four people to be fenced.Its branches stretch in all directions, whenever summer comes, then covered with emerald green on the branches, small oval leaves, very lush, from afar like a slim girl.When to August, the trees will be full of a bunch of small white flowers like a bunch of wind chimes.That hint of fragrance really intoxicated.  On hot days, I like her mom and under acacia trees to shade, the smell of people enchanted flowers, listening to the beautiful fairy tale Mama, watching the sun light through every crevice, then the ray ray sprinkled on the earth, I always wanted time stands still.I put my Wangnianzhijiao old tree as a child I always put my mother to buy the good stuff to give it “eat”.  It is also my closest friends, because no one will like it as tight-lipped.I am sure that I understand better than anyone.When it rains, it stood alone among the drizzle, like a graceful young lady, and despite the wind and rain destroy, still beautiful as ever.Rain acacia trees, as if to tell something, as if looking for something?Ah: time flies, time flies.Past like film screenings, like, flashing in my mind, the memory of there, as if just yesterday.  Memory of the lens in front of the cut-off.When I heard the old house facing demolition, facing the ancient acacia trees cut down, heartache.Ancient tree, a broken shadow sunlight spilled through the mosaic, like the memory of those lost.That ancient tree as legendary as tall stand in the back yard of the old house, as if thousands of years ago is out there, in silence watching the well-being of the world changes, the sun glistening branches toward the sky, and the sky blend, tree lengthy grass, green waves formed in the wind.  Whenever flowering tree, you will see beautiful scenery.Friends, to enjoy one of the world’s most pleasant, floating faint fragrance of Sophora japonica season it?.Part II: Ash fragrance April when the annual rainy season intermittent those days, when it is flowering tree.Lively sunshine is especially valuable after Wei Leng rain, so it is easy to accept the temptation, into the sun, enjoy the splendid spring.  This year’s rainy season came earlier than usual, feeling also last longer.Mood long detained in the hazy atmosphere, as difficult kite flying, there is always inexplicable melancholy.This day is very easy to aspire blue sky, of course, spring sunshine is more like an old friend after a long absence Come, always miss.Until finally a sunny day, I packed my bags, and again began wandering journey.Along the way the sun smile, to see the birds fly high, as if with my heart soar up.This spring, this sunshine, this blue sky, how to prevent heart children smile it?I was smiling the road.Car window is a lively green, accompanied everywhere of canola flower, the original spring is so compelling ah.  When the car through a small village, I saw an open forest of white flowers, I think those trees it should be a tree, then those white flowers is a SJ.Lush canopy arbitrarily stretch, just like the thousands of wonderful hands, as if they are hugging in the spring.With the dancing wind, and as if to catch those rays jumping.Those dotted with white flowers, with a string of lively place, like some white spirit hidden in the green of the sea.This time it is Sophora japonica fragrance of the season, I seem to smell the fragrance of incense SJ wind up.In fact, this is only momentary feeling, but blurred imagination has long accompanied my journey, I was returning to the original secular incense of the Huaihua.Sauna net in the depths of my memory, Ash was accompanied by my entire childhood.My hometown, the beautiful southern town was a clear river crossing.In addition to both sides of the river is the willow tree.Every spring, every now and then is the time to Huaihua fragrance of catkins.Home of the old house is located in the south bank of the river, in front of a Fang Tang Kam, often black duck and goose floating in the water play.Pond planted slightly Ash.There are a small canal and the river pond communicate with them, on both sides of ditches also stand a row of acacia trees.The tree often appears in my dreams, as they are partners of my childhood, I grew up accompanied.  In the back yard of the old house, there are two acacia trees, which are planted by the father and mother.A strong straight, Wei Wei shore, a real man of great momentum, as is the outspoken father.Another one winding, graceful and downs, has a southern woman of tenderness, like a loving mother.Spring, the tree grow new leaves, light yellow Apprehension, looked attentively, seem to have dense green smoke, suddenly the whole courtyard there is a lively atmosphere.Before too long, those will be very verdant green Fan Wu, and this time heart to see, you will find some whitening light green bud quietly exposed facial features.Another three for two days, those wonderful elves will be in my anticipation scrambling blossoming.Standing under a tree and looked up, green canopy dotted with a string of white flowers, like a green sky studded with glittering stars.  Breeze blowing, flowers trembling, faint fragrance instantly pervades the entire courtyard.This time, I could not help but will suck on breath deeply, suddenly there Qinru Heart fragrance.While, butterflies flying, and also follow the flowers the bees flew, the entire courtyard buzzing, dancing shadows on the image of the child leapt in flying.Spring is such a part of our children, so the fall sloshing up, facing the soft sunlight, freeze to become a happy childhood.Of course, the most pleasant or climb the tall tree branches, toward the outer walls of the wilderness lookout, occasionally sat imitate the birds chirping, so imagine any ride.After frolic I’ll pick some Huaihua bites into the mouth, and then chew slowly, carefully appreciate the kind of articulate your mouth feeling.Huaihua taste is sweet and delicious, then the feeling seems to be a rare delicacy to eat.In fact, Sophora japonica flowers are not edible, but the acacia flowers are sweet and delicious, that we planted acacia trees are some of the acacia, which is the locust.Door aunt is from Henan, her home will often picked bud made savory dishes, but we’ve just eaten raw Sophora japonica locals.I was six years old gave birth to a disease, medicine roots need to boil the soup as medicine -.Grandma said that drug Ash tree, its roots are able to boil the soup for medicinal.So his father in the shady area dig some tree roots, and then a few herbs together boil the soup for me to drink it, really sick healed soon.  Since leaving home, I rarely see a tree.With the forgotten ways of the world and the erosion of time, slowly I had some strange feeling of Ash.See this tree, so remind me to pursue her childhood, I did not really want to get the meaning.Looking back, I had feelings for Ash is so deep and sincere ah.  Walking through the streets of a foreign land, inadvertently see both sides of the road stand some Ash.This time the home, has long been a Huaihua fragrance; and north in the spring always come slowly forward, those acacia trees only just spit out new shoots, pale green tinged with vivid yellow.The breeze blowing over, some of the joy of dancing together quietly.Pedestrians integration in the spring sunshine, just in a hurry, but at the moment from afar I was a long time immersed in the fragrance of longing for Ash.