Asan memory

Early in the morning, colleagues Resentment told Asan asleep forever.  Although ideologically well prepared, but had heard the news, the hearts are still all sorts of bear.Asan, after more than a month after not eating, and finally did not survive the Dragon Spring Festival, New Year’s Eve morning, to resort to such a tragic gesture, unless it’s a dog life.  Perhaps it belongs completely come to an end, people have always happens, not to mention the dog almost?Its life, has reached the ultimate pathetic life, the old masters favor it three or four years, we have to live with it for almost a decade.Old and feeble, even then take care of it favor it, it is difficult to resist the coldest days, only surrendered.  But in my heart I can not suppress sadness, grief, although it is really just a dog.But authentic pug, how clever, how clever, how lovely, how dedicated, fed it for nearly a decade, it no regrets served us a decade time, brings us much joy and a sense of security that way, calls out “Asan”, will make us happy, fun.Often remember the year Asan lively appearance, but also added a resigned.I even think that if the weather is not so cold inside the heart clammy, perhaps Asan more can survive for some time, then, we can frolic and make merry Asan.Recently, everyone is concerned about Asan, weight loss, sunken eyes look at it form the spirit of the lonely sound of nothing, call it, touch it no reaction, even if it is hard to look up you see only the tip of the chin, deep eye socket, skinny, listless, with strong round and smooth roll original, smart clever, really gone two extremes which can not help but sigh.  It is said that before yesterday two days Asan spirit surprisingly good, actually walking back and forth, but also eat some soup with the bones, how could?A bad feeling wells up, whether it’s a supernatural way as human?Multi-day Shuimi not enter, how could all of a sudden get better spirit?Sure enough, a pity, what a pity, sad!  The family dog and more, Asan only that is my most favorite.For every food, my first thought is to reward Asan, my family’s eccentric and more than a criticism, I am deaf to its own way, I would like my eccentric, ha ha.Subtle, really odd strange, perhaps because I love fish it, Asan actually love to eat fish bones, when it’s eating small fish bones pleasant and skilled so that we breath, eat cool-cool, lick clean, and never card throat, so-called “dog developed a cat,” absolutely first class.Once past the time I most like holding Asan walk out, bouncing around to appreciate it all the way rushing out, let it frolic in the grass, with similar affectionate, big eyes wide open looking at it the curious gaze of the outside world music does not think of returning home, by the love and affection of these small animals have spiritual heart.Hi, love, favor it, there have been many articles on Asan text, a record of daily life in its innate intelligence and cunning, a record of its owner loyalty, wary of strangers, a record of it as a dog owner trying to serve all the.  Girlfriend had just ridicule, it seems to your house, Men have to bring diapers, ah, or in case your home a friendly Asan very angry, timid Men may be what?Laughing great music, the heart is very proud, not knowing that this ridicule can only become history, Asan, rendering it no longer possible to show the world its “notoriety”.It is tired, rest forever the.  Once, I took it out.There are very afraid of a dog’s neighbor, just to see me pull a pet dog, and the size of our family dogs Ah Wang is quite different, self-courage, scoff, wildly provocative smile: “Hey, you do not dog vicious!”I do not quickly motioned him to despise, it is best to avoid some, it is not size but the ‘evil’ name far and wide never trifled miles.It hardly faded, as if this Asan understand our words in general, otherwise docile Qiuhaowufan it actually howling with Ziyaliezui rushed past toward that mouth to bite a neighbor, the neighbor of a sudden his face full of white Sharp face panic, I absolutely did not expect Asan sudden rage, and quickly tighten the chains, straining to pull it back, then, Asan mouth from a neighbor’s legs only a few centimeters, a little bit of difference ah, good insurance, and Asan expression, like that to actually implacable.Gee, listless neighbor, and I ignorant.I tentatively asked: “next time it says it does not fierce?”The neighbor shook his head again and again drew back, and panic-stricken in whined:” no longer afraid to friends.Your family dog, it did just a mess, even the pugs are so fierce!”Since then, these neighbors often saw me holding Happy Asan, must pass a long journey, dare step closer, huh.  Yes ah, although the dog was silent in humanity, perhaps, it knows when to shun, when the evil it.Since it is fierce, we have to let the contempt for its neighbors experience the look imposing oh.  However, all in all, it has become in the past.  Record it, for the time being for a memorial of it.  Asan, thank you for giving us the joy of so many years, thank you for so many years of contribution to the owner.As a dog can win the appreciation of so many people, you are proud enough friends.  Tired, rest it, Asan.  Farewell Asan, smart, lovely, loyal, handsome dog!Your image will always remain in the memories of the owner, a long long!