Asaka US

5:50 minutes early in the morning woke up, opened his eyes, as usual, looked out, a sudden feeling among row upon row of tall buildings silhouetted against the red touch of exceptionally bright, it is undoubtedly glow, mind passing the word only the glow of colored light will be spilled her room through the window, then he shouted “love, Come Asaka.”Usually the weekend, in order to complement the work week of hard work, always sun rises Lao Gao, will get up.At this time, sleep has run farther, the hearts of a happy, dressing quickly get up, take the camera to the living room, to the balcony, open windows, choose the right angle to take the picture intently, a colorful glow of the eastern sky between.    Asaka colorful, color from light to dark, yellow, golden yellow, orange and red shines the eastern sky, radiant, toward the distant vast high-altitude Benz, structured, followed by progressive, against the background of clouds and the color of each other, round after round of IPL, unpredictable, attitude of thousands, along with the color of the sun through the clouds, colorful.As if blossoming clouds, drifting away from the horizon, the wishful come to earth paradise.It’s one of the bright eyes, can not help but lament the unique charm of nature and the gods are mine!Asaka nightlife network is so beautiful, like a five-color, early morning is so quiet, fingertips pressed the shutter sound, melodious, like a beautiful morning song; varied and changing light and shadow, clouds, clouds of color gradually fade, bright orange-red color gradually stealth, blue sky and white clouds occupy, decorated with beautiful sky.At this moment, my mind there has been “a year on the occasion of spring, of the day is the morning,” the US sentence.    Ah, time flies, time flies, to grasp today, new day, a new feeling, a new beginning, so that the colorful glow, inspire us to always forward, more efforts, depicts the life of a bright future!