As prime time, that touch whisper Enron

Like Jane prime time, like a light that peace and keep Enron.The light wind gently dancing warmth of fragrant flowers quietly out of the romantic season, beautiful bloom, the sun stretch the mind.Sit quietly in front of the light summer eyebrow, a trace of joy, filled with the scent season corner; mild Ann warm, people want to sleep time looked.    Time such as water, always safe.A kind of elegant flowers, planted in the corridor of time, open a window complicated love affair, a pregnant surplus Love Qingyuan, out of the way pleasing light.The Yimiyangguang, sprinkle a joy every morning; a touch of warmth, each covered with a stunning evening.    There are plain dull day bright.Dust, talk about material happiness, do not read have compassion, to lay down their joys and sorrows Qingchou, according to the original brief quiet time walking to the heart of a pure crystal clear.With the ultimate pure plain Jane, Hermitage garden is a profane heart, creating a dull tranquility.    This bustling a dream, wake up, look around the world, all as ever, quiet.Go out, the sun is still good, the flowers being open, in a clump of bright, Qing Yin light singing, a fresh wind through, a few petals falling body, hand gently flick, stained hand and poetic incense warm.Do not wander nightlife net at the intersection of the season, we should not hesitate to choose the front row, because no one can have the right to stop the pace you move on.A heart can be to others, but do not be around other people’s souls.Because you have your own world, also has its own life.    Quiet night, the bright moon, dressed in a dough Gambhir, sections from.Faint breeze, the fragrance will be straight to the late flowering nose.Next few petals floating silent, like fell heart.Dressed in Qingyun, curls the ethereal silence, immersed in the quiet beauty of the soul from the depths.Thus, a paper by the moon, taking the wind as an ink, a love affair for years, a dye ink sheet Rounuan intoxicating fragrance.    When a person, there is always silence of sand, leaving a few faint wind of desolation.Old as time, a poly cage years fireworks, add a new diesel-time, from memory over the years, some of the fish Sese estate, and cook raw warm words.Surplus fleeting touch of incense Yun, over the years into the brook, pure entrance of life, time of tranquil and fine chemicals.    After lived, tasted the bitterness of Kula, you would understand, for the life, all we need is a glass of water.In the numerous earth din, keep a clear peace of mind, dedication to a spiritual element Jane, is life’s most abundance of color.    Like listening to the rain through the window in the rain.One rainy night, because of loneliness and gentle, because of joy and light.In rain curtain, hazy clouds at a diameter bloom; eye, the old wet a landscape.Plain twist some time, the rain gently on the mind of the rain, listening to the fresh rain, politely tell their beautiful story.    Do not bother bloom, only quietly watching the reveal of sweet and fragrant, is the best love.Shizumori a soul mind garden, Qingyong a touch of beauty, peace and quiet and the Red, fleeting whisper of warm security.    Only willing to do a quiet passing of the Red.When years of hands accidentally touched your heart soft, just hope you remember I had been there.Qingwo heart of a tree flowers, lingering fragrance collection Life.After this went on, live time, each well.    The years of abundance, give us a lot of joy never had.Remove unnecessary burden, a light, to go further.Carrying a pregnant indifferent state of mind, joy quietly, gently ownership, the way of life in order to go longer.    Perhaps after experiencing a desolate, just remember there have been bright and Cong.So, to stay a year by seed, plant a shallow sub-study, no harvest for the coming year, only to later years no longer barren.    Each season has its flowers, bright colorful four seasons; every season has its flowers, enriching the reincarnation of the season.World, which at no long-lasting flowers, and in-depth soul of the moment, but may be eternal.    The stream of life, the source of more than just stick to prolonged; only clear and pure, in order to have a permanent sweet; only affectionately attached, in order to have eternal lingering.    Do not care about other people, you have the life you want; not to please others, you have your own dignity.Do you want to do, just take advantage of the sun, while Love is not old.