As one indifferent to the WTO, a hint of Zen into the heart

Indifferent, it is a Rongrubujing calm, failing to chaos is good quality, is the Zen of self-cultivation, but also elevate the soul, it is life’s most perfect state of mind.    Passing through life, in fact, with the desire to chase happiness, with hope to pursue the dream of a life.In the course of this experience, no matter how much better life has given, only the indifferent state of mind, to let you have the best of happiness.    Because indifferent, so simple; because simple, so happy.In fact, this is a kind of attitude towards life, a philosophy that kind of wisdom, is a mundane ordinary fireworks, away from earthly troubles of paradise, it is one of the pure soul of the Pure Land Che.    Sometimes life is impermanent, but experienced the vicissitudes of life on the road, but also taught all the difficulties we indifferent attitude, treat encountered.Life is simple and a rare detachment, carrying an indifferent state of mind, with a smile to greet every storm in life.The accumulation of life, learn with indifferent state of mind, the life of heavy precipitation.    All the world’s troubles, because you want to get too much, and most of the time, but that life offers too little.If the room has more of a dust, bound between the heart and a heavy increase.Its smoke and dust burden, equal to the union executive a Zen indifferent, let the heart go to a quiet simple, make life a little more comfortable.    Indifferent to the wise, Calm Heart.Indifferent people see a hill, watching the water is water.Indifferent is a mature mind.Indifferent is a pure white beauty, leaving no trace, no vanity, clear mind, such as lotus.Yong Su as a sense of balance, put down obsession, complicated tie him down out of the earth, is a line to the water to the poor, do look chic at the clouds, is a detached free and easy on the substance of fame.    Make a man of fame and fortune.After always bustling, dull know is what we really want to live.He was submerged in flowers and leaves Red love affair, yearn for the dim light of earthly prosperity, not knowing life in addition to material needs, as well as more and better spiritual pursuit, waiting for us to really have.    Bearish Some people and things, but also to protect their.See too, it is obsessed with obsession, if too deeply into obsession, and ultimately injured or their own.See light, it is down; not obsession, is the great wisdom.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) life, only to broaden their border, to return to the simple and quiet indifferent, to get back to simple static light if the breeze.This is the true life of the first prime Jane.A light enforcement Eau, prime pen to ask ourselves, plain enjoyable to read, Dankan gains and losses, before calmly WTO.    After indifferent downtown, carrying all you get.Indifferent to everything, like fertile ground for breeding flower of life, indifferent to the people, their hands can pick the moon, can bow holding flowers.    A man should be like water to indifferent form with the inflow, with clear, pure polyester World.That is invisible, odorless namely Gan.Water can accommodate the world, also into the heart.Taotao not for the general trend, you can run a sweet trickle.    You may have fond memories, but do not dwell on the past sorrow.Only cherish the moment, in order to have peace of mind, so that the days get the best warm from the flat; only treasure has, in order to have peace of mind, so that the life of the soul from the depths of flowers, to obtain the most beautiful happiness.    Between life and as tea, ups and downs ups and downs, do now ways of the world.With a cup of tea fragrance, light magenta lifestyle.After tranquil tasted bitter, it is the true taste of life.Tea products, product should be quiet, quiet Zen also.Life, a little more Zen, it is a little more calm; a little more understanding, they experience less aggrieved.    Bustling not play, nor lonely silence.Between simple or complex, or sad or happy occasion, it is paid by the Love, to get a grasp of life.Do not have hard Zen, Zen is time, time is also the best incense.    Life, only walked a different way, before we know is that we have lost perhaps, but may mean the beginning of the end.Do not care about gains and losses, not the pursuit of perfection too, as long as the given years, a different kind of beauty is incomplete.Shuffled around downtown, do yourself a pure, is the best life has.    A smile is the most beautiful language in the world, is the world’s most beautiful flowers, a mind open-minded, but also a best get in the ring engraved inside.When the unhappy life time, only pregnant with Zen as one indifferent, to make your heart smile showing off, let you with a smile to the face of all the world, let win more beautiful smile.    Author | Maple Autumn