As long as we still believe that tomorrow

A swallow, desert in the afternoon from a bright blue sky rendered into a thick green hills, flying to the bottom of a pond.A round rain clouds crowded together, lovely soft, pond reflection of the blue sky, juicy like a pair of eyes tenderness disseminated beauty, and blossoming pink pink flowers, between the circular probe from deep emerald leaves out, pink cheeks toot like to be seen on a burst of joy; Look, a whole body covered with green striped frog jumped into the water from the lotus leaf, only surfaced two round eyes Gulu Lu, guarded around possible sudden everything.    Next to the pond with green grass and dotted with colorful little flowers, Que elegant clothes like a bit of moving dancers, exhausted tenderness, at first glance like a lawn colored eyes, with a gorgeous bright eyes do not come close to this kind of landscape.    Looking from the pond into the distance, a plume of mist sun rise on the air, the breeze suddenly blew away, and distant willows dip in this peaceful atmosphere, doing their own dreams, a dream the woman was dressed in yarn strapped rainbow clouds of tree, between the rise, the prospect is full of sweet and affectionate.    However, in the afternoon so beautiful scenery is not just like everyone want it, desire it for themselves?    A year ago I started all this crazy obsession poetry and painting-like landscape, I think people need to read and write so cultivate the spirit and vision of this beauty, so I use at their own clumsy pen drawing my fantasy.But a year later, I do not want to write this essay, because untrue.    I’ve read a lot of beautiful qing, Lin Huiyin prose, but I find that whenever I immersed can not extricate themselves when, where is my sorrow, article overwhelming influx beautiful picture in my mind, I was enjoying this moment quiet at the same time, I found more and more away from reality, and he is becoming more and more lonely.    I like writing, but writing really what brought me give?Enrich the spiritual world yet?Why sometimes I still feel extremely empty, is it really just a hoax?Deceive my pure dedication, and finally threw me a harsh reality, I watched the pain when I could not face it?    Face reality, I am still in need of a good job, on the eve of graduation, I count the calendar, namely the hearts of fear and delighted, and fear took to the community can not adapt to sudden get along with colleagues and complex work, delighted themselves student two decades is finally over, and he can finally solve the economy’s dependence on their parents, but also have a life of their own.It is with this complex and contradictory feelings, insisted last days before leaving, I can not wait to become a butterfly.    These days, I’m trying to learn the courses, the great vision of the ideal after leaving school, but was suddenly formula around dazed, physical principles are inexplicable mess, I do not know that knowledge there is no work in the future with, but since appeared in front of me, I have to understand their reasons, even if the final still do not know, but I tried not regret it.    These days, I still maintain my writing habits, more and more time can be tight, several times I found myself to sleep at night is already one o’clock more, knocking the boy countless italicized words in front of the screen, the idea with each article carried by the future together.I have not used to stay up all night, but in front of the ideal and reality, nothing is not change, so I’m used to my previous unaccustomed.    These days, my mind filled with too many things, disorganized, I felt very tired.Once I, as activists, schools have taken the initiative to participate in every activity, even for a few games outside of the game, but now I find that aggressive children has completely disappeared.I can not admit to grow, but when the real weight of the burden I could not lift their heads, I chose silence, and this silence, I have been craving is tomorrow.    Reality really bad, I looked up and looked at his feet the way want to find out in the end has a kind of future, but in addition to endless confusion, but I can not see anything.I said I rely on themselves, on their own firmly rooted in this land, but whenever encountered some small setback, I still habitually chose to escape, I found myself still unreliable.    I said I have a dream, I dream as motivate their own weapons forward, but I know how small the possibility of a dream come true there, years later, I would be laughing at your own man?Still grateful that his personal it?    I like fantasy, so the mind to imagine all the good after many years, but I had to get through the night so that one by one the long face of this still does not appear obvious to me a way of life during the day.    Lusi Hao said: The night was long, the sky will turn bright.So I foolishly believed, and I still say go in the night I’m not alone, because there are so many people, like me, struggling in the night longing for the morning and the night sky bright star in every effort shine, they want me to illuminate the road ahead, tell me if we continue to go on there will be dawn!    Twenty years of life may be the most confused and helpless age, not knowing where to go, I do not understand how cruel reality in the end, do not know which one is more beneficial in the end between the gain and loss of life of their growth, however, Fortunately, we have plenty of youth, blood, courage and dreams, we are not afraid of making mistakes, so we braved ridicule and rebuke brave forward, fell not cry, because we grow up, we grow is the meaning of all this on the way.    At the foot of the road, the future is hidden in our hearts, I know we can not step will finish this road, can not even look to see what the road ahead is, but if we go by their own direction, it must there will be the dawn of time, such as dawn, greeted us is endless dawn.    Again: a very long night, the sky will turn bright.    Each also want to walk in the night, people have been able to continue on the path; a stubborn and never lose hope that every person can overcome all difficulties resistance they want to beat; hope that every hopeful for the future people can find their his life light.