As good as gold

Part one: as good as gold Confucius, who is believed to be indispensable to morality, if people do not speak the letter, the letter does not have the quality, you can not gain a foothold in society.The famous words is: “People without faith, I wonder, could it” “has friend, true to its word,” “since ancient times, has died, people are trustworthy.”.  In fact, the ancient practice of trustworthiness far beyond the moral constancy, both in terms of the relationship between husband and wife, children or friends is education, are role models.  Spring and Autumn Period assistant doctor Baili Xi Qin Mugong become the dominant party, the family was poor, go look for a job with the encouragement of his wife Duchenne.Parting off, Duchenne did not hesitate to slaughter home, only an old hen, the chicken is not enough firewood, split firewood Duchenne put the bolt, in order to allow her husband Baili Xi meal.The couple doubted see tears in their eyes, Duchenne repeatedly warned him not to forget themselves rich; Baili Xi mixed feelings wealth is not Janus-faced students.Soon, Baili Xi Chu cattle in Qinmu Gong was designed with five sheep change to the state of Qin and called the prime minister, already seven years old, still alone.Duchenne then fleeing with his son, after displacement also living to Qin.Baili Xi when I heard the national phase, Duchenne voluntary Xiangfu to do laundress, looking for a chance to recognize Baili Xi recognize this is not the year to eat light a fire door of the old hen stew Baili Xi!Do a more than 40 years, things have changed, Baili Xi has shrunk, but it is grown old woman, then say it has not really count!The classroom is to socialize with the guests Baili Xi, suddenly heard a sound of a woman singing at church: The “Baili Xi, five skins, recalling those days, leave, burning stewing hen latch.Recalling the past, when you leave home I cry; when see this, you take my laundry Diocese.Fuji rich heart, never forget that the home language, now can still – “singing stopped, now past.Baili Xi left behind to see the guests stumbled rushed to the hall to the next, it is dreaming of singing first wife Duchenne.The old couple cried when the Church.Eachother, vowed, A word Sima difficult to recover.  Confucius’s disciple Shen, and his extremely said the letter, even if also for their children so.Zeng’s wife go shopping, in order to prevent the road with his son, joked back on to his son to eat pig.Son immediately smile through tears.Zeng’s wife came back from downtown, the front door I heard the sound of saber-rattling, Zeng is preparing to butcher it!Wife had exceedingly strange, not in improper, anything to kill a pig!Zeng said that you promised the children butcher it.Son also proved to be his mother promised.Zeng’s wife think of it seems to have it.However, she said: I unhesitatingly coax a child, how could you really matter!Zeng sent away their children, said to his wife: You can not joke with the kids tell lies.What children know, they speak and act all day long in adult learning.If the lie to the child, and that is that they lie, the children grow up, they would lie to others.His wife nodded, the couple work together to kill the pigs, let his son in the evening time to eat pork.Zeng said the wife does not understand is not a joke, but he really be a feminist, you have to deliver on this promise.Kill pigs small things, being honest and trustworthy educational growth of children is a major event.  There is a phrase called the Fan Zhang chicken millet, that is the paradigm of the Han Shao and friendship, which is two stories of their friendship alive.Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi Concert mountain stream in case the story is almost a household name, and the two of them living and the dead of compliance and trustworthy story even more cause for regret.Young Zhong Ziqi dying on the occasion, he asked his parents to be buried in more than 20 years away from home over the hill riverside of Maan.Some parents puzzled.Zhong Ziqi weak voice, said: Mid-Autumn Festival last year, where he met Yu Boya, parting agreement, Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Zhong Ziqi Yu Boya come home to visit him.Zhong Ziqi commitment to time to pick up the river Yu Boya.However, you can not pick up alive, dead will go to the river, in order to keep covenant.Although some parents are skeptical Zhong Ziqi, or agreed to the request of his son.We arrived at the August fifteen.Yu Boya head full moon, last August fifteen boat came to meet ZhongZi riverside.Yu Boya excitement standing bow around, still have not seen the figure ZhongZi.So in the bow to bounce piano.Dan in transit from month to East Dawning, and no ZhongZi to meet.Followers who rushes to talk up a year ago, who can remember conventions.Yu Boya said: I know Zhong Ziqi, the home must be met can not get out of the thing.Then go directly to the home ZhongZi.Out of more than ten years, Yu Boya Longzhong confronted by a man, it is the father Zhong Ziqi.Yu Boya old man pointed the way to the river, not far from the tall Xinfen, broke down in tears and said, “Well, that’s him, he was there to pick – ah!”Yu Boya heard, shouting collapsed to the ground.When I woke up, I went to Zhong Ziqi grave, could not help but burst into tears.He took Qin, sitting cross-legged playing grave tearful.With the sound of the piano is like tears springs.A bomb finished, Qin Yu Boya hands raised to the altar hard fall to the grave, mouth and shouted: Xiandi ah, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, you receive me – from now on, I no longer play the piano!  Han Daru Dongzhongshu in establishing frame Confucian ethics, only five words: Wisdom and Faith!This is the descendant of the dynasty rulers highly respected moral “five permanent members”.”Chang” is the constancy, simply, “the five permanent members” is the five kinds of fundamental ethical norms.”Five permanent members” in the ‘letter’ from people from words, that is, keep his promise, sincere and honest words, faithful to the obligations it has undertaken.Perhaps, Dong Zhongshu interpretation of the “letter” of more direct.He believes that to believe there are three, one is not rebel alliance; the second is not to cover over; Third, do not believe all of this is hurt.Emphasis on credibility, has always been one of the traditional Chinese virtues.Practice makes perfect, action must be.A promise worth a thousand gold.Personal conduct, national prosperity, national prosperity, everyone associated with this.Those duplicity, empty promises of behavior, even if the effect is temporary, and eventually can not help but fall into ruin or even losing country and home of the tragedy in.    Part II: as good as gold to travel to Shaanxi.First a very remote town, then take the car to the village.Special uneven road difficult to walk.Wandering along the winding mountain road, not far I began to motion sickness, vomited mess.”How far na?”I asked weakly.”Soon, an hour of it, the ability to turn two mountains.”We accompany the deputy mayor said.When over a rushing river, carefully open the driver to slow down.”The water really big.”I say.”It’s pretty good, the water diffuse bridge to the rainy season, especially dangerous.”I am responsible for the camera during the meeting, a group of children surrounded me curiously.The change film, and I shut the empty film box next to a child, she was very happy, “Thank you sister.”Look around the other kids envy.Look like a child, I also removed a film cassette to another a child, his face turned red with excitement.Looking through the bags and then find two ball-point pen to the children, more children look forward to watching my bag, I really regret not with two pen.I took a red floral Xiaogua girl asked: “What is it?”” Komidori.”” There is no comic?””No.”Next to the boy, he said:” The school principals have only this dictionary.”” Sister back to Beijing to send you a comic book, above Tom and Jerry fight, duckling becomes a swan story of.”They heard the eyes are straight.  I took out my notebook, write address it, “Li Zhuang, Shaanxi × County Primary School”, “who received it?”” I Miss literacy, she received.”Come a little big girl,” Sister, wrote Li Cui income.””Ok.”From diverted to Shaanxi and Sichuan, Qinghai.Back to Beijing busy writing reports, translated into English, opened the meeting, flashed on for two months.Occasionally turn on the notebook, “Li Cui,” suddenly remembered the small village children.He hesitated, “Forget the kids early.Is sent in the past, perhaps lost on the way, may have been taken away, simply can not get their hands.”The next day, please have children or co-workers to bring some books.We special enthusiasm, a few days later, on my desk piled dozens of good, everything varied: “Black Cat Detective,” “dirty king”, “the story of Mole,” “Hundred Thousand Whys” “how to prevent myopia,” there is still an “I grew up, I do not wet the bed,” Oh, the baby’s mother.From home to find this “Xinhua Dictionary”, ran the bookstore to buy this “extra-curricular game 300 cases”, together sent away.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) quickly forgotten when Li Zhuang received a letter.”Beijing Hello Sister, after you walk from the village of dolls every day say this thing.We often look to the town post office, asked where uncle, aunt, ‘there is a certain income to Beijing letter Well, our.’Waited two months did not, the village adults laughing at our’ Beijing’s sister said casually, city people, hey, is not comprehensive and balanced. “.We do not believe, sister clearly remember our address on the book ah.Later, a flood, mother will not let go.I took Komidori secretly go, in fact, not far from half a day to.In case they sent the book, if we do not someone else took it.That day finally received.Sister, do you know how happy we are?With fertilizer bags wrapped with several layers, ran tens of miles way back.At night the village of dolls are coming to my house.Komidori hugged the book to sleep, who can take away.The next day to school, and the teacher said to build a ‘book corner’, let me Administrator.Reading must wash their hands, not broke.It looks beautiful book, the story we are back down, back to my wife talk miles.”I looked out the window, his eyes wet.Thinking that the two mountains, diffuse bridge flood, high on a muddy mountain road a short two thin figure.I am ashamed to have hesitation, thanks to mail it, or else forever sorry baby, break their hearts, what means to fill.  Later, after another he has sent a number of books and stationery.Autumn has come, receive a large heavy bag, Li Zhuang.Which is jujube, Hongliang Hongliang to trace festive, tucked a note, “Sister, the captain said that the best date not allowed to sell this year, sent to Beijing.”I put the date book donations given to colleagues, we say never tasted so sweet dates.  Since then, I began to understand what “good as gold”, what is “true to its word.”.    Part three: as good as gold, honest man honest, words Beecham; letters, hide bully.China China, a great country, since ancient times honest person, who believed the model for the world, one word, trust the people of the small desirable, to their good name; could have easily in the world, the Pro diplomatic powers, involving internal and external affairs.Such a function, when the man’s sincerity, as persons who believe.  The integrity of those words that they shall be as the words, if not so, harder and harder this word.Zhuge Liang six Qishan wanted Wei Zheng, in order to achieve the promised exhortations on his sick bed of Liu Bei, lived and Wuzhangyuan, but spared no efforts done loyalty and filial piety, that is, for the minister loyal to the king of faith; they look Huarong Cao Cao, Guan Yu Yi release, although justice Lured, but Kung loyalists favor from others, will seek quoted Cao Cao is the Kung survivors of faith; the Ming Dynasty Yu Qian, including no good plan, under outside without forcing the situation is still the important task started battle of Beijing, which is contingent Zhujiang array of nine to meet the enemy, and personally supervised the operation, victory, precisely because of its adherence to the “boat as the most important king of light” to achieve its promise to defend the Ming dynasty Sajik.Ancient righteous still be able to uphold the integrity of a critical moment in his death can also be used to permit determination.Loyal faith of the people has been respected by the world, because of their integrity, so its kind, sincere as it is God, that is sincere and earnest character and attitude that can be mastered virtue and morality, well into their adult, even the best human nature and make sex objects of, like heaven and earth and heaven only nourished and participation, to “heaven,” the state, the Holy One reason why things can turn in speech, in life, other people worship, fear is intended here.  In good faith in the people has an irreplaceable position, so ancient, so also now.  Although the ancients Chongshang Li Yi, but the absence of these invisible norm, today’s society is naturally also unable to forward.For a people, “integrity” is the foundation of this, life skills treasure, it has raised people’s noble morality to guide people to correctly handle a variety of relationships with relatives, friends, even strangers, should be based on the fundamental integrity so from any people and things can be comfortable with, and will return for sincerity.Modern society focused on economic development, and the market duty-bound to become the mainstream economy, and as such, the integrity of which used to be more, because the interaction between people credit can not be separated.For an industry, the most basic way to establish a good reputation, and establish a trustworthy image of the industry of others, otherwise, it would not be economic exchanges with society, the inevitable lack of social appeal and response force, over time, will deep quagmire unable to extricate himself.  Integrity, can wake a person, a company, an industry, a country, but also be able to destroy them all, so-called: “Cheng who is the life of the country, without the letter, I wonder if it can be”.  No sincerity is lost, then flies fly no letter.Fickle, unpredictable changes in policy, cocoon, and so is disastrous for those who are false, the business case will be both life and wealth, in jail; so friends will be deserted, desperate; the big thing to nation?With false meaning in exchange for a moment of peace, resulting bound to be a long riots and unrest.Economic and political imbalance between the country’s real universal phenomenon, yet contrary to the natural cycle of the reason that justice is still content, but mankind ready to make an attempt to change the brutal measures our own purposes, then, the war on the Earth from birth, no corpuscles of the day.For strong national military, the property of the abundant fertile land will become devastated, impoverished the soil, so that the people become happy bereaved, displaced, this is the biggest no, no letter!Why not?So the phenomenon and the people hope, and the people by seeking moves against the world rulers have many times promised to the request of the people, nothing more than peace and stability, but the fact is so kind and full of expectation of the people they once time to send the abyss.Of course, lose the trust of the people, out of honesty in the world of the result is obvious, the people in his own way to push those rulers, this treachery generation forever expelled from history.  Prudential, the law is not only the highest category of Heaven body, but also in life and know-how; the scope of the letter, but also the history of Chinese Ethics.Zi goes: “Heaven and earth for the big men, insincerity can not be of all things; sage known men, insincerity is not of the people; and his son for the pro men, insincerity is sparse; the king of respect for men, insincerity is humble, Cheng’s husband, a gentleman by Moriya, and political affairs of this also. “.Sage yet did not forget the integrity of the catechism, not to mention almost Bono?Honesty is good way to gain the trust of the people, is already at the foundation, the cornerstone of a successful career.Although over thousands of years, we can not forget.    Part Four: integrity of life such as gold Some people, when faced with the demands of others or need, not responsive, but when its power they will not hesitate to extend their helping hand.I admire such people, they do not just boasted, even to comfort someone else, even if this will make people think you are very very capable, even at this time of denial or silence people think you are a useless person.Because they have something more valued, and that was good faith, in their view, good as gold, literally.  Integrity, we value it, it will not ill-treat our.  For thousands of years later, history has already changed the color of the sky, but the integrity of the light still shines with its brilliant.We have reason to believe that a good faith know, as good as gold the people, there will be a wonderful life.Because his heart was magnanimous, it is well-deserved, his chest is very up, and his soul is clean.  Years ago, a 15-year-old boy came to Hangzhou Hu Qing Yu Tang apprentice.On the way to Hu Yutang, and his feet trembling old grandmother sent him, the way he only said one sentence: “integrity of life, work rules.”The boy remembered these words.  Apprentice bitter, dry day to ten hours of job.Four or five o’clock in the morning to get up, outside the house cleaning hygiene, wiping appliance placed on the counter, then have to get up to serve the master, helped him wash down water.But the resulting low pay, in addition to its own mix full belly is running out.  One day early in the morning, found the boy lying on the ground fired several coins in denominations approximately equivalent to the current five dollars when cleaning.He really need the money, no one around in case of a human, he is perfectly placed to put the money been accounted for, but he did not; he picked up the money, the dawn of time to the master.Later this pro thing happened many times, and always pay to see him master noncommittal.  To outsiders, he is a Ben Xiaohai, work things by the book, do not know how flexible.Moreover, some lazy apprentice changing nothing, but he will not.  There are blindly cough medicine called Xianzhuli need to use bamboo steamed out of the water roasted.This is a delicate living, a few tend to be two Xianzhuli by the fire followed by the last hour.The boy honestly roast, bit by bit, collect, never thought in the past, mixed with a little water Xianzhuli.  If by now some people’s point of view, this can not become an apprentice atmosphere, his lack of flexible and sophisticated businessman.  However, a well-known pharmaceutical companies in Hangzhou boss his current status, he hit brand has been selling for years.He relies not flexible, but the integrity and warning bully.  In an interview with reporters, he repeatedly mentioned his grandmother feet.He said the apprentice Nazhen picked up early in the morning coin, is the master of deliberately on the ground, he knew the whole story has many years later.Had he put money into their own pockets, his life will certainly be another way.  This is the online search to the story, and I admire people who have seemingly silly blankly, and this is valuable persist even looks better alternative.Here I wish those people have such a good boy this outcome, and I believe we will.  Boat of life, overwhelmed, have abandoned have taken, gains and losses.Lost beauty, healthy companionship; we lose our health, there are scholarship to follow; lost the scholarship, there are astute phase with.However, we lost faith, you will lose all.    Part five: to be good as gold Jiannuo Recently, the county television station on how to carry out a “carefully look for a job, the intentions of the Director-General to concentrate on success” educational practice and implement the “six mechanisms” respectively the townships, counties as the principal leaders of the unit were TV interviews, and after staging broadcast news programs Gan County.”Top leaders” who are interviewed in conjunction with “carefully look for a job, the intentions of the Director-General to concentrate on success” educational practice and implement the “six mechanisms” for the “four modernizations” building their own jurisdictions, livelihood projects, key projects, speed up the development problems of the masses of high interest to make a public commitment to transformation development.I humbly believe, the news media this in a very high-profile, public forms made public by the visual image, loved the way the policy agenda and objectives “drying out” and accept the supervision of the people, really gratifying.  As you know, the so-called commitment, that is, between people, a man said to another person with a certain vision, it is generally achievable.For a given service promised to do so.For example: “Everything as promised previously agreed, without the slightest error.”and many more.Visible, as good as gold ah!Only a promise, is to practice what they preach, it says it will do, which is Jiannuo.Commitment is both a goal and a responsibility.To take effective measures, we urge said Li Li line, Jian Gang Lu Connaught.To ensure commitment roads could be implemented, subparagraphs can deliver, some do not seriously Jiannuo Obligation, or just go to timely notice of criticism, and effectively create a compliance Snow, Snow worship, fear promise of a good atmosphere, in order to promote ” look for a job carefully, carefully Officer, to concentrate on success “educational practice and implement the ‘six mechanisms’ and carry out.If the “number one” who vowed in television cameras inside, resounding, but the actual work was perfunctory, evasive, occasional show, even without the promise commitment, “rubber check”, “autumn” no “results”, this “only Wang clouds over, but no rain falling, “the so-called commitment, anyway publicity, it is difficult to get people to agree, not only damage the image of the party and the government will reduce executive power and credibility.As a network also sung songs as: ‘commitments under the promise is a debt owed. “So how do we make the sonorous and forceful” language of commitment “to the real” commitment to action “in order to win more more and more enthusiastic applause, to enhance the mass work we do on overall satisfaction?The answer is simple, that is, except those who committed themselves to firmly establish a correct view of achievements, increasing the sense of professionalism, its parent department to establish a strong operational oversight “Jiannuo” accountability mechanism, strengthen the organization and supervision, social and media supervision, dynamic management, these “leaders” of their commitment to the content of record, to “honor a pin number one” and eventually it will honor commitments as an important basis for performance evaluation, making it an important guide.Then there are “Hanposangzai, it is better to make a way.”.Only improve the style, improve performance, contributing to society, serve the people, with real action Jiannuo, there are tangible results of Jiannuo, in order to win the people’s good reputation.”Said 1000 10000, than throw themselves seriously dry.”Visible grasp the importance of the implementation of.Grasping the work is not implemented, even compromise on the implementation, forgetful, Jiannuo must be pseudo Jiannuo, will certainly be discounted, it will definitely lead to mass resentment.Jiannuo commitment to do is to say, first, a second, second, small is small, d is the d, unambiguous, do not hesitate, not fraud, take concrete actions to win mass acceptance.  Jiannuo to be as good as gold.We have every reason to believe that the promise will never become a debt owed!