[First week of confinement meal _ what to eat the week before confinement]

[First week of confinement meal _ what to eat the week before confinement]

Female friends will inevitably have confinement meals when making confinement. This is a very important dietary method, which can quickly improve their resistance, and they should eat more of the food they take every day.Foods with blood-enhancing effects can prevent anemia from occurring, such as pig heart and liver, which have a good blood-supply effect.

What foods that are too greasy to eat on the Wednesday before the confinement can cause nausea. Too much oil added by the mother may cause the milk to become oily and cause the baby to have diarrhea.

The main reason for blood supplementation is to eat more blood supplement foods and supplement vitamins into the second week of confinement. The mother’s wound is basically healed.

After careful conditioning last week, my appetite should improve significantly.

At this time, you can start to try to eat more blood and food to regulate qi and blood.

Apples, pears, and bananas can alleviate the symptoms of constipation and supplement iron. Animal internal organs are more likely to be rich in multivitamins. They are perfect vitamin supplements and blood supplements.

[Recommended dishes]A small amount of sesame oil stir-fried pork heart, jujube pork leg peanut soup, fish-flavored pork liver, etc., added to wolfberry, yam, Poria, etc. are also good recipes for blood and vitamin supplement.

[Special reminder]The medicated diet cannot be prepared by yourself without knowing it, and please nourish under the guidance of professionals.

It is a good time to lactate after giving birth for half a month. Do not abandon the soup. After the baby grows up to half a month, the stomach capacity increases a lot, and the milk intake and time gradually establish a regularity.

The mother’s milking rhythm began to increase in line with the baby’s needs, but instead felt that the milk did not rise.

In fact, if the baby’s urine output and weight gain are normal, and there is quiet between meals, it means that breast milk is sufficient.

All mothers are worried about whether breast milk is enough, and then they can start eating lactation foods.

Lactation should not only consider quantity, quality is also very important.

Traditionally, mothers should eat more soups with high protein content. Recent research has found that they are considered to be the most nutritious, and it takes about 8 hours to cook the Guangdong Liangtang, which is about 20% of the nutritional seasoning soup in the soup!

Therefore, the scientific view is that the soup should be eaten, and the ingredients cannot be discarded.

[Recommended dishes]Style catfish soup, angzi fish soup, pork hand soup, pork rib soup are all considered very effective lactating soup.

If you add Chinese herbs such as Tongcao and Astragalus, the effect is better.

[Special reminder]Nutrition is actually in the soup, so don’t use a large pot for the soup; don’t cook for too long, or it will make the soup rough and difficult to swallow.