[Chest pain after eating betel nut for half a month]_Chest pain_Cause

[Chest pain after eating betel nut for half a month]_Chest pain_Cause

Betel nut is a very common fruit in our life. Many people like chewing betel nut, especially for those who love to smoke. Some people who like smoking but want to quit smoking are solved by chewing betel nut, but sometimes they eat it.After betel nut chest pain for half a month, allergies, intercostal neuralgia are common causes of this condition, but it does not rule out the sequelae of many people who consume betel nut for the first time.

Here is a description of what caused chest pain for half a month after eating betel nut.

First, what is the reason for chest pain for half a month after eating betel nut? Betel nut fruit can be eaten, chewed with brine, the first time chewing will be red, chest tightness, this is a normal phenomenon of betel nut consumption.

It may also be that after eating betel nut, you are allergic to betel nut, causing human chest pain, slight discomfort, and affecting normal life.

In addition, intercostal neuralgia, neurosis, and myocardial infarction cannot be ruled out. It is more appropriate to go to the hospital for an electrocardiogram.

Second, the benefits of eating betel nut Betel nut has the effects of protecting against cold, eliminating fatigue, insecticide, breaking up, reducing qi stagnation, and hydrating, and can be used to treat parasitic infections such as roundworms, hookworms, roundworms, worms, ginger worms, etc.
Third, the disadvantages of eating betel nut 1. Chewing betel nut for a long time will cause serious tooth wear, distorted teeth become black, and the two jaws will become wide, because the betel nut’s juice is purple-red.

2, betel nut fibers are thick and hard, stabbing the gums or blocking the teeth, causing gum inflammation.

3, betel nut juice causes mucosal growth and transforms oral cancer.

4, betel nut residue thick and hard to stimulate the stomach wall, causing gastric mucosal inflammation and perforation symptoms.

5. The spit of betel nut spit to the ground affects the environment, because the juice of betel nut is purple-red.

Fourth, the initial use of betel nut was found at the beginning of betel nut, instead of chewing vitamins, there are expectorant cough, digestion and sober drinking, wide chest antiemetic, deworming.

After chewing betel nut, people often feel excited, cheeks flush, and sweat slightly on the body, just like drinking alcohol.

In the past, people living in high mountain areas often used betel nut to protect themselves from the cold and eliminate fatigue after intense work.