Bad baseball habits make kids stupid

Bad baseball habits make kids stupid Bad habit 1: Long-term satiety. Modern nutritional studies have found that when you are over-satisfied, there are significantly more substances called “fibroblast growth factors” in your brain. These fibroblast growth factors can increase capillary endothelial cells and small amounts, triggering atherosclerosis. If you eat for a long time, it […]

Food that makes wrinkles grow longer

_1 Food that makes wrinkles grow longer We all know many causes of wrinkles, but one of them is improper diet. If you pay more attention to food intake and spare no effort in maintenance, maybe one day when you sleep, you will find that years are actually not so cruel.   So what foods will […]

How to infer the quality of a yoga mat from the price?

How to infer the quality of a yoga mat from the price? Many people are dazzled by yoga and do n’t know what to choose. The price ranges from tens to hundreds. Then let ‘s talk about how to choose yoga mats.   According to the material, the price of PVC yoga mats ranges from a […]

Carrot soup is more nutritious

Carrot soup is more nutritious Some friends think that cooking soup is to cook all the ingredients together, in fact there are many tips in it. For soups, animal ingredients are often selected for certain proteins, preferably cattle, sheep, pork bones, chicken, duck bones, etc. Today I will introduce a soup made from carrots. Ingredients […]

Four medicated diets for cold winter health

Four medicated diets for cold winter health 1. Suoyang aphrodisiac congee material: Suoyang 10 grams, 100 grams of lamb, 100 grams of rice. Method: Finely cut the lamb. First fry the Suoyang, remove the residue, add mutton, and cook the rice with porridge. Efficacy: This product has the effect of warming the kidney and nourishing […]

7 details to stay alert at home

7 details to stay alert at home Because seeing some small details that are inconspicuous, you may make your well-dressed face suddenly embarrassed. Do n’t think that you wo n’t get sick as long as you do n’t go out. . hzh{display:none;}  细节一:卫生间太潮易得病卫生间可能是整个屋内最易潮湿的地方了,潮湿的环境是真菌、细菌滋生、繁殖的温床,易诱发呼吸道疾病。Therefore, it is best to open the window and ventilate the bathroom, and it […]

Do you know the size of diapers?

Do you know the size of diapers? Many mothers are very concerned about the size of diapers. The size of diapers is very important for babies. Large diapers are easy to detect leaks. Small diapers are likely to hold the child’s thighs.  Moreover, as the baby grows up, the diaper needs to be replaced with […]

How to self-massage male prostatitis-

How to self-massage male prostatitis? [Leader]”Massaging the prostate by yourself at home can treat chronic prostatitis. In a recent interview, reporters heard many patients say this. Can prostate massage be done at home? Experts believe that the treatment of chronic prostatitis by self-massage of the prostate does have a certain effect, but it is not […]

Cabbage prevents disease

Cabbage prevents disease Researchers have discovered that one of the most common dishes? ? Cabbage has a preventive function against cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and many other modern life diseases, and has anti-aging effects.   Researchers’ research confirms that anti-cancer foods do exist, and that cabbage is second only to garlic in the ranking of […]

Five-character formula

“Five-character formula” Some people have mistakenly understood the word “charge” for “five dishes as charge” as “filling hunger”. Indeed, in the drought-stricken months of insufficient food, vegetables are indeed supplementary to food, commonly known as “half-grain bran vegetables”, this is history. The Zhuge cuisine in Sichuan, that is, vines, can eat seedlings in spring, moss […]