[Can I eat pineapple after eating shrimp]_Take glassy pineapple_Can you

[Can I eat pineapple after eating shrimp]_Take glassy pineapple_Can you

When you are finished eating shrimp, you can eat pineapple. There is no obvious relationship between these two foods. Therefore, even if you pronounce it at the same time, it will not cause any adverse effects on your body, but it must beRemember that it is best not to drink fruit juice after eating shrimp, otherwise it will cause the digestion of your gastrointestinal tract to be affected, and even directly cause diarrhea.

Shrimp is nutrient-rich, and its fleshy meat is easy to digest. It is an excellent food for those who are weak and need to be nursed after illness.

Shrimp is rich in magnesium. Magnesium has an important regulating effect on heart activity and can well protect the cardiovascular system. It can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and prevent arteriosclerosis. At the same time, it can expand the coronary arteries, which is good for preventing hypertensionAnd myocardial infarction.

Shrimp’s breast-feeding effect is increased, and it can be used for phosphorus and calcium, especially for children and pregnant women.

Scientists at the University of Osaka in Japan have found that astaxanthin in shrimp helps to eliminate the “jet lag” caused by jet lag reactions.

No matter what shrimp is, it is rich in protein and has high nutritional value. Its meat is as soft as fish, easy to digest, without fishy smell and bone spurs, and rich in minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.).Shrimp also suffer from iodine, which is extremely beneficial to human health.

According to scientific analysis, the edible portion of shrimp accounts for 16?
About 20%.

Taboo shrimp and pumpkin: the same food can cause dysentery, you can use black beans, licorice to detoxify.

Shrimp and juice: diarrhea when eaten together.

Shrimp skin and soy beans: the same food can cause indigestion.

Shrimp skin and red dates: the same food will be poisoned.

Soaking the pineapple in salt water and eating it can also decompose some of the organic acids contained in the salt water, remove the sour taste, and make the pineapple taste sweeter.

You can also boil it in boiling water before eating.

Bromelain at 45 ° C?
Denaturation starts at 50 ° C, and more than 90% are destroyed at 100 ° C; proteins can also be destroyed at the same time; serotonin replaces water.

The taste is also improved after boiling.

Don’t eat too much pineapple every time. Excessive consumption is harmful to the stomach.

The baby who eats for the first time only eats the size of a biscuit. If there is no abnormality, you can increase the amount next time.

Constraints1. Because pineapple contains stimulating protein substances and bromelain, it will break down proteins in the body, and it has a stimulating effect on the young epidermis of oral mucosa and lips.It makes people feel a tingling numbness.

Therefore, the peel and thorns should be cleaned, the flesh should be cut into pieces, deposited in dilute hay or sugar water, leaching impurities, and then eat it. After soaking the pineapple in brine, it can effectively destroy the “pineapple enzyme” internal reasonsAllergic structure, thereby losing the ability to sensitize a person and losing toxicity to some physiques.

2. After eating meat or greasy food, eating some pineapples is good for your health. “Pineapple Gurou” and “Pineapple Beef” are safe alternatives.

3, pineapple and eggs can not be eaten together, the protein in the egg and the fruit acid in the pineapple combine, easy to coagulate the protein, affecting digestion.

4, pineapple and honey can be eaten at the same time, and pineapple and honey decoction can cure bronchitis.

However, it is not recommended for people with physical discomfort or symptoms of diarrhea.