[How to boneless chicken feet]_How to boneless_How to boneless

[How to boneless chicken feet]_How to boneless_How to boneless

Now boneless chicken feet sold outside are particularly expensive, and I feel uneasy about eating. Because of concerns about hygiene, everyone likes to make boneless chicken feet at home. After the chicken feet are bought, they need to be washed and then cleaned.Remove the chicken bones according to the steps. Be sure to clean them when removing the bones to avoid affecting the taste.

Let me share with you the method of removing bones from chicken feet.

To debone chicken feet, you must first choose the right chicken feet, replace a title with a relatively tender meat chicken feet, leaner or smaller chicken feet are not easy to bone.

Chop the toe nails of the selected chicken feet, put them in boiling water after cleaning, remove them and wash them, then you can start the bone removal step.

1. Boil chicken feet: Put cold chicken feet into the pot and add seasonings as needed. After the high heat is boiled, use a low heat to keep the water in the pot slightly boiled.For about 10 minutes, cook the chicken feet until they are broken and full of oil.

Second, flush the cold water: After the chicken feet are cooked, immediately go out of the pot and rinse with cold water. Rinse the chicken feet until it is completely cool.

This step is also the key to the smooth bone removal of chicken feet. Facts have proved that the best effect is the rinsing with running water.

Chicken bone deboning methods, how to remove chicken bones3, chicken bone deboning methods: After the above two steps are completed, you can really start bone removal.-Method 1: Put the palm of your chicken’s paw down on the case, carefully pinch the foremost end of the chicken’s paw bone, and push it hard from the tip of the chicken’s paw toward the palm of the chicken’s paw.

Next, pinch the end of the calf bone, and push it firmly towards the palm, you can also remove the calf bone of the chicken feet.

Method 2: Put the palms of the chicken feet down on the case, and draw a knife in the direction of the bone along the calf part, then you can fold down the calf smoothly.

Then use the same method to remove the phalanges.

Friendship reminds that after the chicken feet are deboned, rinse with water before they can be used for cooking.

If you ca n’t use it all at once, keep it in the refrigerator, but do n’t freeze it quickly.

This has a very significant impact on the taste.